The Entwined Collection

The Entwined Collection started as a sexy romantic novel incorporating a huge amount of health information explaining the difference between artificial synthetic (conventional) medicine and REAL medicine.

While writing the sequel, Dr. Holly came up with the idea of the Round Table and have each of the characters write their own book. This way, she would have a number of different backdrops for books on psychological and physiological health issues. People could enjoy learning about REAL health and medicine through reading the writing style or approach they preferred: educational, romantic, mystery, political, etc. Consequently, each book in the Entwined Book Collection is written with a different slant and from a different character’s perspective.




A Romantic Journey Back Into Health

This novel looks into the private and intimate life a couple sandwiched between two generations and stressed with dual careers. They must maneuver through doubt, distrust, repression, avoidance and fears to not only regain their health but embrace a renewed dynamic and sensual relationship.

The Ongoing Journey

Follow Duncan and Maria as they continue their romantic journey. During their 25th anniversary Hawaiian holiday, they experience sexual issues that they must work through. They participate in an enlightening debate between various types of medical practitioners, with interesting results. Discover why the characters commit to writing their own books with the underlying theme of health and wellness.

A Love that Crosses Time: Maria’s Book

Enjoy an enticing adventure of three dynamic couples, living hundreds of years apart. Follow Jasmine, 21st century physician, and Jordan, an architect, as their relationship develops and evolves. As life takes a surprising unexpected turn during an unusual intimate experience, they discover how to connect with first one and then another couple. Each with similar interests and issues. Join them on their journey as they discover who they really are as they move across space and time.

Arthritis: Manage It or Eliminate It

Grandma Mary’s Book

Grandma Mary suffered from arthritis for many years, living in pain which gradually restricted what she could do. MDs prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that where somewhat successful in managing the pain but the drugs created new issues and did not solve the underlying problem.

Grandma Mary did not like the path she was on. She is one smart cookie and took action. She worked with the Gibson Clinic practitioners, did her research and, learned how to eliminate her arthritis. She is now pain free.

This is not a pipe dream. Dr Holly eliminated three types of arthritis and she hasn’t suffered anything for years.

The Politics of Western Medicine

Papa Johnny’s Book

Papa Johnny was suffering from dementia. His physician prescribed him pharmaceuticals that took their toll on both his health and his pocketbook. Despite attempts with different drugs and altering and increasing dosages, he steadily went downhill.

Then his brother-in-law convinced him to go the Gibson Clinic and get real help. He was able to get off the drugs, regain his mental capacity, and start living life again.

Papa Johnny was angry that he had gone through the mill with pharmaceuticals. He started researching the science behind both Western Conventional Medicine and “REAL” medicine. The research resulted in this book, his contribution to the Entwined Collection.

When is Enough, Enough?

Uncle Dave’s Book

Uncle Dave was married to a woman with psychological challenges that resulted in a very unhealthy marriage. He attempted various ways to resolve the marital issues, including going to therapy, to no avail.

To be a good husband, he needed to abide by his vows, ‘for better or worse’, so he could not leave his wife. Yet, he found it increasingly difficult to stay in the marriage.

Was he respecting himself by continuing to allow the marriage to destroy him? Was he enabling an unhealthy relationship? What were the consequences of leaving versus staying? How did one make that kind of decision?

Follow Uncle Dave’s internal journey as he came to his decision.


Entwined - Choices with Cerebral Palsy by Dr Holly Fourchalk - 3D book cover

Choices with Cerebral Palsy: Nanny Sarah’s Book

With a goal of providing information that is both accurate and entertaining, this book is presented in story form. At times humorous, it follows Jasmine and Tom as they make choices for their daughter regarding childhood vaccines and possible treatments. Meant to provide you with choices, it covers a multitude of topics, which include acupuncture, Chinese medicine, central nervous system supplements, glutathione, and more.

Forthcoming Books in the Entwined Collection

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