The Entwined Collection

The Entwined Collection started as a sexy romantic novel incorporating a huge amount of health information explaining the difference between artificial synthetic (conventional) medicine and REAL medicine.

While writing the sequel, Dr. Holly came up with the idea of the Round Table and have each of the characters write their own book. This way, she would have a number of different backdrops for books on psychological and physiological health issues. People could enjoy learning about REAL health and medicine through reading the writing style or approach they preferred: educational, romantic, mystery, political, etc. Consequently, each book in the Entwined Book Collection is written with a different slant and from a different character’s perspective.



A Romantic Journey Back Into Health

This novel looks into the private and intimate life a couple sandwiched between two generations and stressed with dual careers.  They must maneuver through doubt, distrust, repression, avoidance and fears to not only regain their health but embrace a renewed dynamic and sensual relationship.

The Ongoing Journey

Follow Duncan and Maria as they continue their romantic journey. During their 25th anniversary Hawaiian holiday, they experience sexual issues that they must work through. They participate in an enlightening debate between various types of medical practitioners, with interesting results. Discover why the characters commit to writing their own books with the underlying theme of health and wellness.

A Love that Crosses Time: Maria’s Book

Enjoy an enticing adventure of three dynamic couples, living hundreds of years apart. Follow Jasmine, 21st century physician, and Jordan, an architect, as their relationship develops and evolves. As life takes a surprising unexpected turn during an unusual intimate experience, they discover how to connect with first one and then another couple. Each with similar interests and issues. Join them on their journey as they discover who they really are as they move across space and time.

Forthcoming Books in the Entwined Collection

Grandma Mary – Manage or Eliminate Arthritis

Grandpa Johnny – Politics

… and many more!

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