Tom’s Collection

Tom’s Collection is a series of books that chronicles Dr. Holly’s incredible and mind blowing journey.

Tom was an amazing person on this side – a wonderfully gentle, kind, affectionate person. He strove to develop spiritually and embrace ascension. When suddenly and unexpectedly he crossed over to the other side, he continued his journey of growth and development. Through an amazing series of events he learned to share his journey with Dr. Holly.

He pushed Dr. Holly past her self-doubting, self-questioning analytical left hemisphere scientific thinking pattern and taught her to feel him, then hear him and then to see him.

As their ability to communicate across the dimensions increased, Tom taught her how to help people heal from a whole new perspective. Dr. Holly was a registered therapist, went to school for medicine, natural medicine and numerous healing modalities. She currently holds seven degrees and three designations. She has studied different philosophies, cultures and religions, but she never heard of all the things that Tom taught her so far.

From day one, Tom never left her. At first, she could feel him hug her, then hear him talk to her and then to see him. He learned how to connect with a wide variety of people in various different ways. He continues to share what he is learning and how he is learning both about the other side and about himself.

These books are from Tom to you. Holly is just the messenger. Laugh, have fun, and be open to unlimited choices and possibilities.



The Cosmic Socialite

Holly is a down to earth analytical thinker. She loves to explore outside the box and has fun playing with ideas outside the accepted norm. Her life was full and abundant with love, fun and laughter. With one phone call, her life dramatically changed.

Join Holly on a journey through love, loss, sorrow and understanding. Listen in on conversations she never thought she would have with her love, Tom, on the other side. Struggling to push through her own walls of skepticism and layers of self-doubt, Holly constantly questioned if she was going nuts. The more she learned to listen and trust Tom, the more she believed. Tom’s own sense of humor and affection allowed him to not only bring her through the cycle of grief, anger and frustration but also to teach her to trust him and all that he was sharing with her.

Join Holly on her incredible journey.

Cosmic Healing

In Tom’s first book, Tom: Cosmic Socialite, we joined Dr Holly as she learned how to ‘feel’, then ‘hear’, then ‘see’ Tom after he crossed over. Cosmic Healing, the second book in her journey is Tom’s explanation of an entirely different type of healing. There are a multitude of alternative and complementary or ‘real’ healing therapies around the world that have worked beautifully throughout history. Initially, Tom completely confused Dr Holly. He guided her to books she had never heard of, to help her understand the basics. Then he went even further! Discover simple, easy, techniques to work with healing in an entirely different way. Learn about what science has yet to discover.

Cosmic Choices

Cosmic Choices

Tom was an awesome guy on this side of the great divide. When he crossed over, he stayed connected to me and others. With all his books, I type exactly what he says about his ever-increasing knowings and observations.

In Cosmic Choices, Tom shares what he has observed regarding meditation, self-hypnosis, chakras, light, color, sound, Merkaba, trauma, OBEs, astral travel, Kundalini, awakening consciousness, and emotions. He also shares what he has learned about guides, angels and other angelic beings.

Cosmic Experience by Dr Holly Fourchalk - front cover

Cosmic Experience

Tom was an awesome guy on this side of the great divide. When he crossed over, he stayed connected to me and others. With all his books, I type exactly what he says about his ever-increasing knowings and observations.

The first book Tom dictated entirely… Cosmic Experience covers an intriguing array of topics from his perspective when he initially crossed over. He discusses the decision he made regarding whether to return to this side. The lessons he learned regarding people he met, time, portals and movement on the other side. He also talks about the differing journeys people take, including euthanasia, suicide and more. It was definitely an eye-opener for me. I’m forever grateful for his willingness to share what he witnessed with me, and now you.

Cosmic Lessons

Cosmic Lessons

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Forthcoming Books in Tom’s Collection

Cosmic Journey

… and who knows what is to come!

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