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Your Body’s Secret Healing Agent

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Dr. Holly Fourchalk practiced as a Registered Psychologist for twenty years. During that time she kept questioning the fact the brain requires nutrients to create neurons, neurotransmitters, transport systems, and fuel. If the brain doesn’t have the nutrients to function, then surely that would impact our capacity to think, feel and be healthy. Transferring from Naturopathic Medicine to Doctor of Natural Medicine, finishing another PhD in nutrition, and another MA in Herbal Medicine, she then went to India to study Ayurvedic Medicine, and followed it by the study of German Homeopathy. In Naturopathic College, Dr. Holly learned about the conventional understanding of glutathione as a major redox mechanism in the cell and even further, to acknowledging it as a major anti-oxidant. as a major anti-oxidant. Since, then Holly has studied how glutathione is involved in almost every process in the human body, from anti-oxidant to inflammation, from respiratory system to immune system, from cardiovascular to neurological to hormonal processes. It is abundantly important, yet we lose it faster and faster each year. Dr. Holly has explained in simple and effective ways the various roles of glutathione and how to increase glutathione in your body. Dr. Holly continues to expand her knowledge of ways to help people heal from today’s common health issues that allopathic medicine tends to simply manage.